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Register for CIS to NPP

Before you can begin development, you are required to register for access to the My Health Record system. This process will provide you with the artefacts you require to begin development such as digital test certificates and test data (patients and providers).


1. Contact Developer Liaison at Services Australia [email protected] to apply for a NASH PKI Test Kit (which contains digital certificates for accessing the test environments and test data). Notify them that you are wanting to develop CIS to NPP and that the test data they issue links the healthcare provider’s HPI-Is to your test organisation’s HPI-O.

Services Australia will also provide you with Healthcare Identifier Notice of Connection (HI NOC) test cases.

2. Download the Welcome Pack and read the document Software Vendor Guide to the Connection Process.

3.    Complete the Vendor Product Details form, found in the Welcome Pack and return to [email protected] and await instructions for the next stage of testing.

Testing requirements

Once you have completed your development (see our next guide) there are two types of testing which must be undertaken. These are:

Notice of Connection (NOC) testing

NOC testing confirms that your software product performs according to the specified standards and conformance points defined in the technical and logical service specification documents. Once you have submitted the Software Vendor Product Details Form you will receive a test pack, which includes test cases for the web services you will be developing. Our testing partner, Deloitte, will observe NOC testing and when completed successfully, they will issue you with a My Health Record Notice of Connection certificate for the specific version of your product that has been tested.

Conformance, Compliance and Declaration (CCD)

The CCD process requires that your software conforms to all applicable conformance profiles, the specifications they reference, and the conformance requirements for My Health Record Connecting Systems (Specifications), prior to your software being granted connection to the My Health Record system. Please find the Conformance Test Specifications inside the CIS to NPP v1.0 folder download from this website. We will walk through some sample test cases in the next developer guide.

Once your software has completed conformance testing, you will be required to complete a Conformance Vendor Declaration form (available in the Welcome Pack) and email it to [email protected]. If the software meets all the requirements, access to My Health Record will be granted. 

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