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The HIPS Provider App (HPA) v1.0 is the first major release that incorporates the following features:

  • Secure Active Directory login and PIN lock/unlock
    Users can log in securely using their credentials in the site’s Active Directory, and secure the login with a local device PIN, enabling the user to quickly return to the application, enter their PIN and continue reviewing their patients’ My Health Record information.

  • Facility selection and favourites
    Users can view patients from different healthcare facilities within the HIPS instance, where the user is in an Active Directory security group which is authorised to access the My Health Record on behalf of the facility. Users can mark their frequently accessed facilities as favourites for quick access.

  • Patient selection and favourites
    Users have a variety of ways to find patients in their care including:
    • Patient lists based on common episode types - Emergency, Inpatient, Outpatients, or All Current Patients (including pre-admitted), depending upon the provision of Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) messages from the Patient Administration System into HIPS.
    • My Patients lists – view all patients that have been added to the user’s My Patients list either at a specific facility, or across all accessible facilities. This list syncs with the HIPS UI standalone view.
    • Accessing recently viewed patients from quick search bar.
    • Search for patients using the quick search or show more criteria search functionality.

  • Gaining access to a My Health Record
    Users can gain access without a code or enter a patient’s access code to gain access or change the healthcare provider organisation’s level of access to a patient’s My Health Record.

  • Displaying a patient’s My Health Record
    Users can view the following details from their patient’s My Health Record: 
    • COVID-19 and Other Immunisations (Australian Immunisation Register and Immunisation Consolidated View) 
    • Allergies and Adverse Reactions (from Medicines View) 
    • Medicines (from Medicines View) 
    • Discharge Summaries
    • Advance Care (Advance Care Planning Document, Goals of Care Document and Advance Care Directive Custodian) 
    • PBS, AIR, Organ Donor and MBS (Medicare Overview) 
    • Pathology Report View 
    • Diagnostic Imaging Report View 
    • Document List (for other general documents).

  • Download and display of clinical documents
    Users can view, download, save and print documents from the patient’s My Health Record.

You can or register to download Release Note v1.0 PDF

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