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From 25 May 2022, software systems and any application using interaction model 4 and provider apps to connect to the My Health Record Software Vendor Test (SVT) environment must trust the new My Health Record public SSL certificates.  

This is required because the Agency is moving the endpoints for SVT from the current Global Switch data centre to an Agency-managed secure hosting service, which is Certified Strategic under the Australian Government’s Hosting Certification Framework.

See My Health Record SVT System - Notifications for details of the endpoint changes.

My Health Record - Data Centre Rehosting - SVT Certificates V1.1 removes the Apache Server instructions and text files related to language translation.

You can or register to download My Health Record - Data Centre Rehosting - SVT Certificates v1.1 ZIP

Checksum: f9d77d612cdb90e2486b2808d3310aca16872004bf3c0b191af936e69f9f1013