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The Australian Digital Health Agency is actively engaging with the healthcare community to develop computable clinical content definitions known as detailed clinical models (DCMs). Each DCM is inclusive of all data attributes and potentially terminology bindings that are useful to describe a single, discrete clinical concept for use in a broad range of clinical scenarios. Examples of DCMs include: problem/diagnosis, adverse reaction, medication order, blood pressure measurement, and a symptom.

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Adverse Reaction - Detailed Clinical Model Specification v3.3

This detailed clinical model specification supports the sharing and persistence of adverse reaction data including health information that will inform a clinical assessment of the predisposition of an individual for a future reaction, information about any adverse reactions, and information about events of exposure building up a persisting and evolving summary.

Miscellaneous DCMs - Detailed Clinical Model Specification v1.5

This detailed clinical model specification includes detailed clinical models supported by the Agency that are not included in the other detailed clinical model specifications and includes a range of health topics. This detailed clinical model specification supports the sharing and persistence of data of clinical synopsis, recommendation, general observation, document use authorisation, exclusion statement, and summary of medication entries.

Medicare Repositories - Detailed Clinical Model Specification v1.3

This detailed clinical model specification supports the display and sharing of data held by Medicare, including the Australian Immunisation Register, Australian Organ Donor Register, Medicare and the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) funded services, and Pharmaceutical Benefit Schedule (PBS) or Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS).
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