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A new version has been released for this end product

Please refer to Discharge Summary v1.6 or refer to the Release History for all releases of this End Product.


Discharge Summary documents support the transfer of a patient from a hospital back to the care of their nominated primary healthcare provider.

They capture details about the patient's hospital stay, including the diagnosis, diagnostic procedures performed, the prognosis, medications prescribed and follow-up actions recommended.

The My Health Record system supports the collection of Discharge Summary documents. When a healthcare provider creates a Discharge Summary document, it will be sent directly to the nominated primary healthcare provider, as per current practices. A copy may also be sent to the individual’s digital health record.

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Discharge Summary - Template Package Library v1.5.1

The template package library contains the template packages aligned with this clinical document type. It includes template packages for all conformance levels and document-type variants. The overview file included in the template package library lists all included template packages together with the My health Record system releases they have been released with and whether they are currently supported by the My Health Record system. Each template package in the template package library contains Schematron validation rules for the automated validation of clinical documents against the requirements for this document type. The Agency's Clinical Package Validator tool requires these template packages for validations against these requirements.
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