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The previous eReferral clinical document specifications were constrained to supporting referrals from a General Practitioner to a private specialist. Referrals to public hospitals, allied health providers or human services providers were not supported. The Service Referral v1.1 specifications expand this scope of use to include any referrals for healthcare or human services. Note that this does not include the requesting medications or requesting diagnostic investigations.

NOTE: There are no current plans for the My Health Record to accept Service Referral v1.1 documents. Service Referral v1.1 is primarily for point-to-point use. The My Health Record continues to accept eReferrals in accordance with end product version v1.4.1, but there are no plans to further develop the eReferral specifications. Implementers are encouraged to transition to the use of service referrals for point-to-point use only.

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Service Referral - Structured Content Specification v1.1

The content within this document provides reviewers (software development teams, architects, designers, clinicians and informatics researchers) with the necessary information (or references to information held outside this document) to evaluate and assess the clinical suitability of the specification.
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