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Secure Messaging Industry Offer

The Agency is providing developers of clinical information and secure messaging systems with a financial incentive to deliver enhanced functionality in an accelerated timeframe.

Secure Messaging Integration Toolkit

The eHealth integration toolkits are a collection of integration tools and sample code resources available in both .NET and Java. The sample code and integration tools are used within the eHealth reference platform, forming part of the code library for tools and simulators.

Secure Messaging

As part of the Australian National Digital Health Strategy, the Agency aims to end dependence on paper based correspondence and the fax machine or postal services by 2022.

Secure Messaging v1.0.3


The Agency’s Secure Messaging provides software developers with information and tools to assist in the implementation of Secure Message Delivery (SMD) and Endpoint Location Service (ELS).

Wednesday, 22 Oct 2014

Secure Messaging Proof of Concept

The Agency's Secure Messaging Program aims to work collaboratively with industry and suppliers of secure messaging solutions and clinical software to reduce existing barriers to adoption and provide implementable solutions.  Early proof of concept projects completed in late 2018, comprising secure messaging suppliers and clinical information system developers, focused on developing standardised payloads and a FHIR©-based API supporting the federated look up of healthcare provider details when addressing electronic communications.

Secure Messaging Industry Offer - FAQs

The following frequently asked questions relate to the Secure Messaging Industry Offer webinars. Items a categorised into the following topics: Provider Directory Service, Local Address Book, Message Payloads, NASH PKI Organisation Certificates and Testing.

Secure Messaging Industry Offer - News Release

The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) is pleased to announce the release of an industry offer that will financially incentivise software providers to implement new standards for enhanced secure messaging functionality in their products.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Secure Messaging Integration Toolkit v1.2.5


The Secure Messaging Integration Toolkit contains libraries for B2B connectivity to Secure Message Delivery (SMD) and Endpoint Location Services (ELS), providing sample code for all operations, as well as a Medical Document Management (MDM) library to create the payload for SMD.

Friday, 01 Jun 2018