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The following steps will assist software developers who wish to build products that support electronic prescribing.

The Agency offers a range of support services including consultative support and scheduled information sessions. If you require any support to understand the Agency’s conformance requirements or other technical specifications please contact [email protected]

Step 1: Gain HI Service conformance

Conformance to the Healthcare Identifier Service (HI) is a prerequisite for prescribing and dispensing systems to participate in electronic prescribing. If your product is not conformant with the HI Service, please develop this capability first. For instructions please go to the following page:

If your product is already HI Service conformant please proceed to step 2. 

Step 2: Learn how Electronic Prescribing works

To gain an understanding of how electronic prescribing works, read the Electronic Prescribing Technical Framework documents located here:

These documents include a Solution Architecture, Conformance Assessment Scheme and Conformance Profile.

Once you have read these documents, proceed to step 3. 

The Conformance Test Specification is located here:

Step 3: Identify your product type

Determine the functions your product will perform in the electronic prescribing process and if your product will need to connect to an Open Prescription Delivery Service (PDS) to enable end-to-end electronic prescription transactions. 

To access capabilities provided in an Active Script List you will need to connect to an Open PDS, this functionality is not available in a direct PDS model.


Most prescribing and dispensing CIS products will connect to an Open PDS.

Hospital CIS solutions may provide their own direct PDS solution. 

For CIS/Mobile Application products owned (fully or partially) by the Open PDS/Mobile Intermediary (or vice versa), the Australian Digital Health Agency will conduct your observed tests, like in the “CISs with a Direct PDS” process. 

For detailed information on the conformance process for your product type – please select one of the options below:

CIS connecting
to open PDS or ASLR

CIS with a
Direct PDS



For CIS Prescribing or Dispensing systems that will connect to an Open Prescription Delivery Service

For CIS systems using their own Prescription Delivery Service - typically hospital based systems

For Open Prescription Delivery Service providers and Active Script List Registry providers

For mobile applications or Mobile Intermediary Service providers

Get started now

Get started now

Get started now

For information contact:
[email protected]


You should now understand how electronic prescribing works and be able to identify the functions your product will perform in an end-to-end electronic prescribing transaction. If you need any further assistance to identify the appropriate conformance process for your product please contact [email protected]

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