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This process is an overview of the steps required by software developers to declare electronic prescribing software conformant with the Agency’s technical framework.  

  1. Access the technical framework documents and welcome pack from the Electronic Prescribing homepage
  2. Contact Open Prescription Delivery Service provider(s) to get access to test environments and technical specifications (if applicable).
  3. Identify which conformance points are relevant i.e. Prescribing Systems, Dispensing Systems, Mobile Application, etc. Open PDS or a Direct PDS.
  4. Proceed with development and internal testing.
  5. Conduct your self-assessment against the relevant Electronic Prescribing Test Specifications from the Electronic Prescribing homepage. Submit your self assessment to your observed testing provider.
  6. Schedule and undertake your observed testing session. This will either be observed by a conformant Open Prescription Delivery Service Provider, a conformant mobile intermediary provider (for mobile application developers) or the Australian Digital Health Agency.
  7. Declare the conformance to the Australian Digital Health Agency along with a nominated Conformance ID by completing the Electronic Prescribing Conformance Vendor Declaration Form.  
  8. Upon successful completion, the conformance ID is added to the Register of Conformance. This register is communicated by the Agency to Services Australia and PDS providers for operationalisation. Developers are now able to commence deploying electronic prescribing functionality to their users.
  9. The Agency will offer a range of support services throughout the above process and operations of electronic prescribing including consultative support and scheduled information sessions.

Please contact [email protected] if you require further assistance.