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The Clinical Package Validator (Validator) is a tool to help vendors test whether a healthcare software system is producing clinical documents and clinical packages that conform to some Agency specifications.

The Validator tests a CDA document for:

  • package validation (tests the package it is enclosed in);
  • schema validation (tests its structure);
  • Schematron validation (set of rules that partially meet the CDA implementation guide, structured content specification and My Health Record system conformance profile) to a conformance level chosen by the user. The Validator does not test all requirements in these specifications; its use is strictly limited, as described in the release note. Clinical packaging zips can also be validated;
  • use of SNOMED CT-AU, AMT or PBS codes as specified in the CDA implementation guide (partial testing only);
  • use of other terminologies (partial testing only).

The Validator does not test conformance against all specifications. The product data sheet lists the tests that are supported, tests partially supported, and a general description of the types of tests not supported.

Results from the Validator must not be relied upon to determine software conformance when declaring conformance to the My Health Record System Operator. A vendor will need to supplement results from the Validator with their own testing before declaring conformance.

The Clinical Package Validator was previously published under the name 'CDA Validator'. Please refer to the release note for details of changes in this release.

You can or register to download Clinical Package Validator v2.4 ZIP

Checksum: 2ca7d9056e7cf95ec26ba4fa59673852c9b1b2f96c8b3ee39c20f603b69a8630