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Version 2.7 of the Clinical Package Validator (Validator) provides software developers with enhanced capabilities to achieve a greater degree of automation and depth of their conformance tests of clinical documents.

The new release includes number of defect fixes and enhancements which will improve the Validator’s ability to effectively support implementers in their conformance assessment activities. Additional updates have been done for the Validator’s documentation.

Before formally declaring conformance of a software product to the System Operator of the My Health Record system, developers need to perform additional tests to ensure full coverage of all requirements. Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for more detailed information about the Validator’s coverage of requirements and conformance test cases.

You can or register to download Clinical Package Validator v2.7 ZIP

Checksum: fd9f4c116425ca82628f39b8a77fafbf10189d4b9b89ea5a84997097ae045eff