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The eHealth Integration Sample Code provides implementers and software vendors with a sample implementation of a communications solution that enables patient administration systems and clinical information systems to interact with the Healthcare Identifiers Service and the My Health Record system. It is a standalone middleware solution offering the following functionality:

  • Connection to the Healthcare Identifiers Service to search for and retrieve national healthcare identifiers.
  • Assisted My Health Record registration of patients.
  • Connection to the My Health Record to:
    • Determine if a patient has an eHealth record.
    • View a patient’s eHealth record;
    • Post clinical documents into this record including:
      • discharge summaries;
      • prescription and dispense records;
      • event summaries;
      • shared health summaries; and
      • specialist letters.
    • Package these documents prior to submission.

You can or register to download eHealth Integration Sample Code v1.0 ZIP

Checksum: 670b75002b9a29730e45887f717893ae9c54f48dde7d5a327c074e34d4b53142