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The eHealth integration sample code comprises the source code and associated documentation for the Healthcare Identifier and PCEHR System (HIPS) software, developed by a third party vendor on behalf of a number of states and territories. HIPS is a standalone middleware solution offering the following functionality:

  • Connection to the Healthcare Identifiers Service to search for and retrieve national healthcare identifiers.
  • Assisted My Health Record registration of patients.
  • Connection to the My Health Record system to:
    • Determine if a patient has an eHealth record.
    • View a patient’s eHealth record;
    • Post clinical documents into this record including discharge summaries; prescription and dispense records; event summaries; shared health summaries; and specialist letters.
    • Package these documents prior to submission.

Access to the eHealth integration sample code is provided subject to certain licence terms and terms of use.

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Checksum: 186477ffc8d9be7034bb9c78393df071ed4945e90c14de7ef3fe1c87f9b23320

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