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Release rationale 

  • HIPS v8.0 is a major release that provides the following major improvements.

Operational Insights

  • Gain detailed insights into the performance of your HIPS installation through visualisation of statistics, trends and recovery times after outages.
  • Track connectivity of HIPS with My Health Record and Healthcare Identifiers Service.
  • Stay on top of maintenance issues like expiring certificates, storage availability.

Up-to-date HIPS online documentation

  • All HIPS documentation is now accessible online with improved navigation and search.
  • For offline usage, all documentation continues to be available in PDF format.

Automated installation

  • Install HIPS without the need for manual interactions.
  • All HIPS installation settings can be configured up-front and can be re-used across environments and for future HIPS releases.

Security by default

  • Get security of your HIPS installation out-of-the-box.
  • All settings now default to secure settings and can be adjusted to suit local installation requirements.

Deprecation of obsolete interfaces

  • HIPS service interfaces scheduled for retirement in future releases now generate log messages. Sites can utilise these log messages to schedule upgrades of their system environment in preparation for future HIPS releases.

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