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HIPS v8.3 is a minor release that incorporates the following enhancements and defect fixes:

Significant improvements to document upload performance. This version of HIPS is capable of uploading 200,000 documents per 24 hours on the recommended high usage profile documented on the HIPS 8.3 - Server Roles, Specifications and Software Requirements page in Collaborate.

  • Emergency Department views have been added to HIPS UI, providing quick access to information critical for emergency care. The Patient Summary view now includes the following information: o Immunisations (introduced in HIPS 8.2) with option to highlight COVID-19 vaccines 
    • Medicines 
    • Discharge Summaries 
    • Allergies and Adverse Reactions
    • Emergency Contact Details
  • Support for uploading Discharge Summary, Event Summary and Specialist Letter Document sub-types with HIPS providing the latest list of available sub-types published by the Agency.
  • Support for uploading multiple Discharge Summaries against a single episode.
  • Further resilience to temporary infrastructure errors. When HIPS detects the Certificate Revocation List is unavailable, processing is retried. In addition, when unexpected error types are detected from My Health Record, the hips.PcehrErrorCode table can be updated to detect future occurrences of these errors and control whether HIPS retries the error.
  • Management of certificates has been simplified by storing details in the HIPS database using the configuration subsystem.
  • A mix of SHA-1 and SHA-2 certificates is now supported.
  • New configuration settings to give control to Site admins for customising error messages produced in HIPS Core, My Health Record and HI Service tailored for their users, including optional text to contact the Site’s Help Desk.
  • Ability for Site admins to display information to HIPS UI users to cover Site specific events such as planned and unplanned outages.
  • Failure reason codes added to document queue records to provide a reason for failure. This is supported by comprehensive documentation on Collaborate.
  • Improvements to installation documentation and other documentation updates.
  • Various security hardening enhancements. Important: note ADO ID 13854 under Change details.
  • Administrator, user and functional enhancements

You can or register to download Release Note v8.3 PDF

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