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HIPS v8.2 is a minor release that incorporates the following improvements:

  • New Immunisation View for easy access on patient landing page
    The Patient Summary landing page now displays a panel of immunisation data sourced from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) section of the patient's Medicare Overview, along with the ability to view the Immunisation Consolidated View (ICV) document when it is available in My Health Record.

  • New integrated Patient Management page for enhanced usability
    The new Patient Management page has replaced the previous Advanced Search and Quick Search results pages. The functionality of both pages has been consolidated into the new page, and now enables users to search for patients, register patients, access relevant HIPS functionality for patients and manage adding and removing patients from a user’s “My Patients” list on a single page.

  • New site configuration option for improved control
    This controls which page the View My Health Record menu item goes to in HIPS UI. Options include: PatientList or PatientSearch.
    For manually registered patients, this determines whether HIPS UI should generate MRNs automatically when registering patients or allow manual entry. This is configurable for facilities that do not have a PAS feed.

  • Defect fixes and minor enhancements
    Defect fixes and minor enhancements for HIPS UI and HIPS Core have been included in this release.

You can or register to download Release Note v8.2 PDF

Checksum: 79a5e5dd50b4cb4f43fbfc8f0f4b939f03681d434d3fd687042e640d2cabb23e

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