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Quick intro

Now that we have managed to test our connection by accessing the PCA™ Portal, we will register our system as a client with the PCA™ Identity and Access Manager as per OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration Protocol – RFC 7591.

Publisher and Subscriber steps

The following table indicates the high level steps the Publisher and Subscriber (a.k.a PCA Business Partner) need to implement, the supported channels and the volume of operations requests:

RefSteps to implementPublisherSubscriberChannelVolume
1Generate a JWK set with a public and private keyRequiredRequiredAPI onlyVery Low
2Register the client system with PCA™ and receive a client_idRequiredRequiredAPI onlyVery Low
3Generate a JWT using the supplied client_idRequiredRequiredAPI onlyVery High
4Obtain an access token to be used with further interactions with the PCA™RequiredRequiredAPI onlyVery High

For all operations including management of client registrations, refer to the client registrations operations in the API reference.

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