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Register an organisation as publisher

Registering a publisher organisation as a participant in the Provider Connect Australia™ (PCA™) can only be done through the Provider Connect Australia™ (PCA™) portal.

publisher register organisation screenshot 1

Once an organisation has been registered, the publisher status is "Pending Submission" until the participation agreements have been submitted (highlighted in yellow below):

publisher register organisation screenshot 1

Generate and download the participation documents

The next step is to generate and download the Publisher Participation documents.

publisher generate download participation documents screenshot 1

The documents you download will depend on the legal structure of the organisation and the signatory. 

publisher generate download participation documents screenshot 2

Sign and upload the participation documents

When all the required documents have been signed and uploaded, you will see a confirmation message, as highlighted below.

publisher sign upload participation documents screenshot 1

You can now submit the documents by clicking the "Submit for final assessment" button highlighted below.


The status changes to "Pending Approval".

publisher sign upload participation documents screenshot 3

After the PCA™ Operator approves the documents, the status will change to "Approved"..

Authorise client system

After the organisation is approved, you can authorise a client that you have registered.

To do this, click on the "Authorised software systems" tab (highlighted in yellow below):

publisher authorise client system screenshot 1

This will bring up a form for you to enter the client_id . This id is provided as a response when you register the client using the Register Client operation operation.

publisher authorise client system screenshot 2

Once you click on 'Authorise System" button you will then be presented with a screen to confirm the software detail and current roles for the registered client. 

NOTE: You can set the roles at both organisation and location level; this controls the level at which the registered client can operate.

By way of example, in the screenshot below, the roles are set at an organisation level. 

publisher authorise client system screenshot 3

Press "Save Roles" and then "Close" on the notification dialog. Press "Cancel" to return to the organisation home screen.

Get client system endpoint details

To get the client system endpoint details, click on the Client System Endpoint Details link (highlighted in yellow). This will be the base url for the publisher operations.

publisher get client system endpoint screenshot 1

At this point you can either continue within the PCA™ portal to set up locations, or do this using APIs.

For the purpose of this Developer Guide, we will use API calls to set up locations and find partner services.

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