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This document type has been retired. Refer to the new Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) document type.



Medicare - Australian Childhood Immunisation Register v1.1

The document type was retired in September 2016, when all ACIR documents in the My Health Record system at that time were converted into documents of the new Australian Immunisation Register.

From 30 September 2016, the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) expanded to become the Australian Immunisation Register, a national register that records vaccinations given to people of all ages in Australia.

The AIR is administered by the Department of Human Services. It records vaccinations administered through general practice and community clinics. This includes vaccines funded under the National Immunisation Program and privately funded vaccinations.

When a consumer registers for access to their Medicare information through their digital health record, the Department of Human Services will register the consumer’s Medicare CDA documents in their digital health record which include the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR). The Medicare CDA documents will be created by the Department of Human Services as the sole supplier of Medicare information within the My Health Record ecosystem.

The consumer, and healthcare providers with access to the consumer’s Medicare information, will be able to retrieve the ACIR CDA document through the consumer’s digital health record. Additionally, the data items in the ACIR document will be loaded into the My Health Record system to be used as source of data for the consumer’s Medicare Overview.


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