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A new version has been released for this end product

Please refer to SNOMED CT-AU - Common v1.6 or refer to the Release History for all releases of this End Product.


This end product contains implementation collateral relating to multiple SNOMED CT-AU releases. Additional information and support material, including content request submissions, publishing third party derivatives and registering for a licence is available from the SNOMED CT-AU Support Material page of this website.

This material includes SNOMED Clinical Terms™ (SNOMED CT®) which is used by permission of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). All rights reserved. SNOMED CT® was originally created by The College of American Pathologists. "SNOMED" and "SNOMED CT" are registered trademarks of the IHTSDO, (http://www.ihtsdo.org/). Additional collateral for use that is common to both SNOMED CT-AU and AMT is also available from the AMT v3 Model - Common end product. This includes:

  • Australian Medicines Terminology v3 Model - Technical Implementation Guide
  • Clinical Terminology - Guidance for Use of Medical Nomenclatures in Information Exchange
  • Clinical Terminology - Guidance for Use in Healthcare Software
  • Clinical Terminology - Guidance for People and Processes
  • Clinical Terminology - Test Cases for Software and Messaging  
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