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A new version has been released for this end product

Please refer to Electronic Prescribing - Conformance Test Specifications v3.0 or refer to the Release History for all releases of this End Product.


This package contains the conformance test specifications for Prescribing systems, Dispensing Systems, Open Prescription Delivery Services (PDS), Mobile Intermediary Systems, Mobile Application Systems, Active Script List Registry Systems, and all associated test data. The test cases in the worksheets have been written against the specified requirements in the Electronic Prescribing- Participating Software Conformance Profile document.

For more information on the Electronic Prescribing Conformance Process refer to:  https://developer.digitalhealth.gov.au/electronic-prescribing/conformance-process

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File package contents

Electronic Prescribing - Test Data - HPI-O v2.0

The Healthcare Provider Identifier-Organisation (HPI-O) Test Data file contains a comprehensive list of HPI-O test data for use by software vendors wishing to test their electronic prescribing functionality. NOTE: This test data has been amalgamated into: DH-3658:2022 - Electronic Prescribing - Test Data - Subject of Care, HPI-I and HPI-O v3.0

Electronic Prescribing - Conformance Test Specifications – Release Note v2.3

This release of the end product EP-3349:2020 updates Electronic Prescribing Conformance Test Specifications for Prescription Delivery Services, Prescribing Systems, Dispensing Systems, Mobile Intermediaries and Mobile Applications. Two new products are included in this end product: Conformance Test Specifications – Active Script List Registry v2.3; and Test Data – IHI v1.0.
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