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A new version has been released for this end product

Please refer to Healthcare Identifiers Service - Support Documents v1.3 or refer to the Release History for all releases of this End Product.


The supporting documents on this page provide background and guidance for healthcare provider organisations, and conformance, compliance and accreditation requirements for vendors.

For more information, please see the Healthcare Identifiers section on our My Health Record system page, or visit the DHS Medicare website for more information on the Healthcare Identifiers Service.

This end product has been renamed Healthcare Identifiers Service - Support Documents to avoid confusion with the DHS Medicare Healthcare Identifiers Service and to provide a more accurate description of its contents. 

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Healthcare Identifier Service - Conformance Assessment Scheme v3.0

Conformance Assessment Scheme for EP-1060:2011 Healthcare Identifier Service v1.0, EP-1382:2013 Healthcare Identifiers Service v1.1, EP-1472:2013 Healthcare Identifiers Service v1.1.1, EP-1645:2014 Healthcare Identifiers Service v1.1.2, EP-1653:2014 Healthcare Identifiers Service v1.1.3, EP-1826:2014 Healthcare Identifiers Service - Support Documents v1.2

Healthcare Identifiers Service - Support Documents - Release Note v1.2

This release includes conformance requirements to reflect a new B2B web service for requesting the HI Service to create a verified IHI for a newborn child. It also includes a new guide for healthcare provider organisations who need to request the assignment of individual healthcare identifiers from the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service for newborns born under their care, using the Create Verified IHI for Newborns web service.
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