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November 2021
Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially life-threatening form of allergic reaction. This clinical care standard describes the care that patients should receive when they have anaphylaxis. It applies to adults, children and infants, including those who experience anaphylaxis while in a healthcare facility.

It supports the provision of high-quality, evidence-based care, which should take into account the context in which care is provided, local variation and the quality improvement priorities of the individual health services.

Main sections:

• Acute anaphylaxis clinical care standard

• Indicators for local monitoring

• Clinical care standards

• About the acute anaphylaxis clinical care standard

• How to use this clinical care standard

• Background: Anaphylaxis

• Quality statement 1 – Prompt recognition of anaphylaxis

• Quality statement 2 – Immediate injection of intramuscular adrenaline

• Quality statement 3 – Correct patient positioning

• Quality statement 4 – Access to a personal adrenaline injector in all healthcare settings

• Quality statement 5 – Observation time following anaphylaxis

• Quality statement 6 – Discharge management and documentation
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