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November 2020
Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) is a systematic approach to optimising the use of antimicrobials to preserve their effectiveness for treating infections.

This clinical care standard describes the care people of all ages should receive when they have or may have infection or require an antimicrobial for prophylaxis. It covers patient care from the time of prophylaxis or diagnosis to cure, and also considers conditions for which antimicrobials are not recommended.

Main sections:

• Antimicrobial stewardship clinical care standard

• Indicators for local monitoring

• Clinical care standards

• About the antimicrobial stewardship clinical care standard

• How to use this clinical care standard

• Background: Antimicrobial stewardship

• Quality statement 1 – Life-threatening conditions

• Quality statement 2 – Use of guidelines

• Quality statement 3 – Adverse reactions to antimicrobials

• Quality statement 4 – Microbiological testing

• Quality statement 5 – Patient information and shared decision making

• Quality statement 6 – Documentation

• Quality statement 7 – Review of care

• Quality statement 8 – Surgical and procedural prophylaxis
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