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Implementation Guide
Issue 1.0
August 2010
This document provides guidance for the implementation of a global standard for the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) marking/labelling of plasma derivatives and recombinant products. It is intended to provide a clear understanding of the delimitation between ISBT 128 and the GS1 System of Standards so that healthcare supply chain partners responsible for encoding data into a data carrier (for example, a barcode) can label their products clearly and consistently. The guideline does not modify existing standards, but is intended to support a uniform global approach for AIDC for plasma derivatives to increase efficiency in the healthcare supply chain and improve patient safety. Current standards and definitions are contained in GS1 General Specification, GS1 Global Data Dictionary (GDD) and ISBT 128 Standard Technical Specification.

Main sections:

• Delimitation of plasma derivative products

• The case of plasma recombinant products

• Traceability, data synchronisation and electronic commerce

• Software implementations

• Labelling blood product

• Labelling plasma derivatives – primary package

• Labelling plasma derivatives – secondary package

• Labelling plasma recombinant products

• Serialisation of plasma derivatives – secondary package
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