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August 2021
Cataract is a condition that can cause problems with vision when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy.

This clinical care standard describes the care that should be received by people aged 18+ who have cataract, in all healthcare settings. It covers assessment, decisions about cataract surgery and postoperative care. It articulates key elements for an improved pathway of care, including referral, assessment and surgery.

Main sections:

• Cataract clinical care standard

• Indicators for local monitoring

• About the clinical care standards

• Cataract

• Purpose of the cataract clinical care standard

• How to use this clinical care standard

• Using referral guidelines to increase cataract surgery rates

• Quality statement 1 – Primary care assessment and referral

• Quality statement 2 – Patient information and shared decision making

• Quality statement 3 – Access to ophthalmology assessment

• Quality statement 4 – Indications for cataract surgery

• Quality statement 5 – Prioritisation for cataract surgery

• Quality statement 6 – Second-eye surgery

• Quality statement 7 – Preventive eye medicines

• Quality statement 8 – Postoperative care
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