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February 2024
The Document Subscription for Mobile (DSUBm) Profile describes the use of document subscription and notification mechanisms for RESTful applications. Like the DSUB Profile, a subscription is made to receive a notification when a document publication event matches the criteria expressed in the subscription. This profile can be applied in a RESTful-only environment as Mobile Health Document Sharing (MHDS) but it can also be used with different non-mobile profiles such as XDS.b and DSUB. This profile intends to grant the same functionality as the DSUB Profile and its supplements regarding Document subscription but also adding some other functionalities (e.g. Subscription Search).

This profile intends to be compliant with Subscriptions R5 Backport.

Main sections:

Volume 1: Actors, Transactions and Use Cases

• Actors, Transactions and Content

• Actor Options

• Actor Required Groupings

• Overview

• Security Considerations

• Cross Profile Considerations

Volume 2: Transaction Detail

• Resource Subscription [ITI-110]

• Resource Publish [ITI-111]

• Resource Notify [ITI-112]

• Resource Subscription Search [ITI-113]

• Resource Subscription Topic Search [ITI-114]


• Changes to Other IHE Specifications

• Download and Analysis

• Test Plan
Access Document Subscription for Mobile (DSUBm) v1.0.0

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