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Technical Specification
ATS 4888.4-2013
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This technical specification provides requirements for implementing the logical model of a dispense record detailed in ATS 4888.1, Part 1: Platform independent (logical) information model to support electronic transfer of prescriptions, as an HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Release 2 (CDA) XML document. It takes implementers step by step through mapping each data component of ATS 4888.1 to a corresponding CDA attribute or element. One of 3 CDA implementation guides in the series of 6 technical specifications that collectively define a method for the electronic transfer of prescriptions in Australia.

Main sections:

• Dispense record context data hierarchy

• Dispense record content data hierarchy

• Administrative Observations

• CDA Header

• Context data specification – CDA mapping

• Content data specification – CDA mapping
Access Electronic transfer of prescriptions, Part 4: Platform implementation specific dispense record HL7 Clinical Document Architecture implementation guide

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