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Release 2.0
June 2022
This document is the GS1 standard for EPC Information Services (EPCIS). It defines a data model for visibility event data and open, standard capture and query interfaces. The goal of EPCIS is to enable disparate applications to create and share visibility event data, both within and across enterprises. This enables users to have a shared view of physical objects (for example, trade items, fixed assets, physical documents) and digital objects (for example, digital documents, electronic books), identified at a class or instance level, as each step of a business process is completed. EPCIS applies to all situations in which visibility event data is captured and shared. It is not restricted to electronic product code (EPC), radio frequency identification (RFID) or instance-level identification.

Main sections:

• Relationship to the GS1 system architecture

• EPCIS specification principles

• Terminology and typographical conventions

• EPCIS specification framework

• Abstract data model layer

• Data definition layer

• Service layer

• XML bindings for data definition modules

• JSON/JSON-LD bindings for data definition

• Bindings for core capture operations module

• REST bindings

• Bindings for core query operations module

• Conformance

• UML diagrams for SBDH
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