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Supplementary Resource
This supplementary resource describes the Global Model Number (GMN), which is the GS1 key used within databases (not on products) to identify a grouped family of products or a model. The GMN enables companies to uniquely identify the product model through the entire lifecycle of the product, from design to disposal. For example, a GMN can be used to identify products that are sold under different versions (for example, with different supporting languages), but are otherwise the same. Other examples include medical devices, for which the lifecycle can include extensive time and effort in conformity assessment before a product can be released on a market. In the European Union (EU), the GMN supports the implementation of the requirements of the Basic Unique Device Identification and Device Identifier (UDI-DI) under the EU UDI regulations on medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics devices. The supplementary resource also includes a link to the GMN generator tool, which can be used by GS1 member organisations to create valid GMNs.

Main sections:

• Benefits

• How are GMNs used?

• GMN in healthcare

• GMN and master data

• GMNs and master data in healthcare

• Creating GMNs

• When to change a GMN
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