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ISO 18530:2021
Edition 1
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This document outlines the standards needed to identify and label the Subject of Care (SoC) and the Individual Provider on objects such as identification tags or wrist bands, to enable automatic data capture using data carriers when delivering care. It provides for a unique SoC identification that can also be used for other purposes, such as recording identity in individual health records.

The document specifies how to manage identifiers in the AIDC process. It describes good practices that help to reduce or avoid variation, and identifies workarounds that compromise patient safety and make AIDC less efficient at the point of care.

This document is for any organisation that uses Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) in the delivery of care. It is based on the GS1 system of standards and does not address other possible solutions, such as identification systems based on ISBT 128.

Main sections:

• GS1 specifications and ISO deliverables

• Data structures and semantics

• Subject of Care and Individual Provider identification as a recognized priority

• The purpose of globally unique identification

• Annex A Examples of use cases
Access Health informatics – Automatic identification and data capture marking and labelling

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