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October 2017
Heavy menstrual bleeding is excessive menstrual bleeding that interferes with quality of life.

This clinical care standard describes the care that should be received by women of reproductive age who have heavy menstrual bleeding. It covers management from first recognition of clinically significant heavy menstrual bleeding until its resolution either before or at menopause.

Main sections:

• Heavy menstrual bleeding clinical care standard

• About the clinical care standards

• General principles of care

• Using the clinical care standard

• Quality statement 1 – Assessment and diagnosis

• Quality statement 2 – Informed choice and shared decision making

• Quality statement 3 – Initial treatment is pharmaceutical

• Quality statement 4 – Quality ultrasound

• Quality statement 5 – Intra-uterine hormonal devices

• Quality statement 6 – Specialist referral

• Quality statement 7 – Uterine-preserving alternatives to hysterectomy

• Quality statement 8 – Hysterectomy

• Overall indicators for local monitoring
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