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September 2023
This clinical care standard describes the care that should be received by people with a suspected hip fracture, from presentation to hospital through to completion of treatment and discharge from hospital. This clinical care standard targets patients aged 50+, but also applies to younger people with hip fractures caused by osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Main sections:

• Hip fracture clinical care standard

• Indicators for local monitoring

• Clinical care standards

• About the hip fracture clinical care standard

• How to use this clinical care standard

• Quality statement 1 – Care at presentation

• Quality statement 2 – Pain management

• Quality statement 3 – Orthogeriatric model of care

• Quality statement 4 – Timing of surgery

• Quality statement 5 – Mobilisation and weight bearing

• Quality statement 6 – Minimising risk of another fracture

• Quality statement 7 – Transition from hospital care
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