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Technical Framework
August 2013
This technical framework defines specific implementations of established standards to achieve integration goals for cardiology. Such integration promotes appropriate sharing of medical information to support optimal patient care. This is the first of 2 volumes.

Main sections:

• Introduction

• Integration profiles

• Cardiac catheterisation workflow (CATH)

• Echocardiography workflow (ECHO)

• Retrieve ECG for display (ECG)

• Displayable reports (DRPT)

• Evidence documents (ED)

• Appendix A The cardiac catheterisation procedure in perspective

• Appendix B Challenges of workflow management in cardiac catheterisation

• Appendix C IHE integration statements

• Appendix D Glossary

• Appendix E Security environment considerations

• Appendix F Displayable report distribution using the DRPT, RID and XDS profiles

• Appendix G Displayable report signing

• Appendix H Cardiology summary of relevant profiles from other domains
Access IHE Cardiology (CARD) Technical Framework - Volume 1 CARD TF-1 Integration Profiles v5

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