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Supplementary Resource
August 2023
This supplement extends the functionalities of the Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) Profile by introducing RESTful operations that could be used to submit and retrieve audit records. This allows lightweight applications to easily manage the creation and access of audit information. It is based on FHIR protocol and uses FHIR AuditEvent Resources to exchange audit records content. This supplement also defines a query transaction that enables access to raw syslog messages.

Main sections:

• Introduction

• IHE Technical frameworks general introduction

• IHE Technical frameworks general introduction appendixes (actors, transactions and glossary)

• Volume 1 – profiles – ATNA

• Volume 2 – transactions – record audit event [ITI-20], retrieve ATNA audit event [ITI-81], retrieve syslog event, mobile security considerations
Access IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Supplement - Add RESTful ATNA (Query and Feed), HL7 FHIR Release 4 Using Resources at FMM Level 3 and Normative v3.4

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