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Supplementary Resource
November 2019
This document describes the use of IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) device-to-device interoperability technology that is optimised for high-acuity environments (such as operating rooms, intensive care units, or emergency departments). It explores how this technology can be integrated into IHE Technical Framework components. The document proposes a roadmap and timeline leading from IHE SDPi Profile specifications to IHE connectathon testing and, ultimately, IHE conformity assessment and product certification.

Main sections:

• Introduction

• References to other standards

• ‘From the device interface … ‘

• SDPi – scope and application context

• ‘DPI’ device-to-device interoperability overview

• IHE process

• IHE PCD ‘device’ technical framework

• IEEE 11073 SDC overview

• General profiling considerations

• SDPi: Integrating SDP into IHE technical frameworks

• Roadmap and timeline

• Appendix A Glossary and acronyms

• Appendix B Bibliography

• Appendix C IHE enterprise facing connectivity profiles

• Appendix D Compendium of medical device oriented use cases

• Appendix E SDC message examples
Access IHE Patient Care Devices (PCD) White Paper, Service-oriented Device Point-of-Care Interoperability (SDPi) v1.1

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