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Technical Framework
July 2019
The IHE Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH) domain addresses the information exchange and electronic health record content standards necessary to share information relevant to quality improvement in patient care, clinical research and public health monitoring.

This document defines content modules used in the IHE Quality, Research and Public Health profiles. It is the third of 4 volumes.

Main sections:

• Introduction

• Conventions

• Content modules overview and terminology

• Reserved

• IHE namespaces, concept domains and vocabularies

• QRPH HL7 V3 CDA content modules

• QRPH DICOM content modules

• QRPH content modules (type other than CDA or DICOM)

• Appendix A – CCD-ODM/CDASH mapping and CRD constraints

• Appendix B – Clinical Research Document to standard CRF (ODM/CDASH) crosswalk

• Appendix C – Triggers

• Glossary
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