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June 2021
IHE is an international initiative to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information.

The IHE Technical Frameworks General Introduction and Shared Appendices applies to all IHE Technical Frameworks.

The IHE Technical Frameworks are a resource for users, developers and implementers of healthcare imaging and information systems. Each of the 14 Technical Frameworks addresses a clinical or operational domain (such as radiology or patient care coordination), defining specific implementations of established standards to support systems integration, the sharing of medical information and optimal patient care.

Main sections:

• IHE overview

• Important IHE terminology

• Structure of the IHE Technical Frameworks

• Technical Framework document conventions

• Copyright licenses

• Disclaimer regarding patent rights

• Purpose and audience

• The IHE approach

• External relationships

• IHE Technical Framework development and publication process

• Trademark

• Comment process

• Actors

• Namespaces

• Standards profiling and documentation conventions

• Implementation materials

• Transactions

• Glossary

• Integration statements
Access IHE Technical Frameworks General Introduction and Shared Appendices v2.0

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