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September 2022
Low back pain is a common back problem that often leads to psychological distress, disability and poorer quality of life.

This clinical care standard describes the care that should be received by patients aged 16+ who present with low back pain, with or without leg pain. It covers the early clinical assessment, management, and review and referral of people with low back pain symptoms who present with a new acute episode. It does not cover surgical intervention or ongoing management.

Main sections:

• Low back pain clinical care standard

• Indicators for local monitoring

• Clinical care standards

• About the low back pain clinical care standard

• How to use this clinical care standard

• Background: low back pain

• Quality statement 1 – Initial clinical assessment

• Quality statement 2 – Psychosocial assessment

• Quality statement 3 – Reserve imaging for suspected serious pathology

• Quality statement 4 – Patient education and advice

• Quality statement 5 – Encourage self-management and physical activity

• Quality statement 6 – Physical and/or psychological interventions

• Quality statement 7 – Judicious use of pain medicines

• Quality statement 8 – Review and referral
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