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Edition 1
This document presents the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. The three standards included are the Clinical Governance Standard, the Partnering with Consumers Standard and the Clinical Safety Standard. These standards prescribe a nationally consistent framework, which all primary and community healthcare services can apply when delivering health care to patients. The standards aim to protect the public from harm and improve the safety and quality of health care delivered. Including early intervention, treatment of acute conditions, management of chronic conditions, end-of-life care, health promotion and prevention.

Main sections:

For each standard:

• A description of the standard

• A statement of intent

• A consumer outcome statement

• A list of criteria that describe the key areas covered by the standard

• Explanatory notes on the context of the standard

• Item headings for groups of actions in each criterion

• A consumer outcome statement for each item heading

• Actions, describing what is required to meet the standard
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