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November 2022
Stillbirth is fetal death prior to the birth of a baby at 20+ weeks of gestation or at a birthweight of more than 400 grams.

This clinical care standard describes the care that should be received by pregnant women to reduce their chance of experiencing a stillbirth. It also addresses bereavement care for parents after any form of perinatal loss.

Main sections:

• Stillbirth clinical care standard

• Indicators for local monitoring

• Clinical care standards

• About the stillbirth clinical care standard

• How to use this clinical care standard

• Background: stillbirth

• Quality statement 1 – Stillbirth risk assessment before pregnancy

• Quality statement 2 – Stillbirth risk assessment during pregnancy

• Quality statement 3 – Stillbirth awareness and strategies to reduce risk

• Quality statement 4 – Ultrasound during pregnancy

• Quality statement 5 – Change in fetal movements

• Quality statement 6 – Informed decision-making about timing of birth

• Quality statement 7 – Discussing investigations for stillbirth

• Quality statement 8 – Reporting, documenting and communicating stillbirth investigation results

• Quality statement 9 – Bereavement care and support after perinatal loss

• Quality statement 10 – Subsequent pregnancy care after perinatal loss
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