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The following Developer Guides will help you understand high level concepts regarding the HI Service and My Health Record system, register as a developer for the HI Service and My Health Record system, request Test Certificates and Test Environment Data, install the Test Certificates locally and importing certificates in CIS Software. 


Start here: Introduction to the HI Service and My Health Record system (Read this first for environment setup and registration guidance) My Health Record logo

HI Service Developer Guides: 

1 - IHI Lookup
2 - IHI Lookup - Test Cases
3 - Search for HPI-I

My Health Record B2B Developer Guides:

1 - Find whether a My Health Record exists 
2 - Gain access to a My Health Record 
3 - Get Documents and View Document 
4 - Get Views 
5 - Upload Document 
6 - Supersede Document 
7 - Remove Document