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Summarises the functional and non-functional requirements for software that supports participation in electronic prescribing.

DH-3734:2022 Electronic Prescribing – Conformance Profile v3.0.1 includes the following important revisions:

- Inclusion of additional conformance requirements specific to:

  • Electronic prescribing - Active Script List Registry systems (ASLR)
  • Electronic prescribing - dispensing systems (DISP)
  • Electronic prescribing - prescribing systems (PRES)
  • Electronic prescribing - Prescription Delivery Service systems (DS) and
  • Electronic prescribing - mobile applications and intermediaries (MA, MC, MI).

- Editorial changes in response to stakeholder feedback including:

  • revised requirement wording
  • revised and added clarification notes
  • formatting, spelling, grammar, and terminology updates.

For a comprehensive list of changes, please download the document from the link below.

You can or register to download Conformance Profile v3.0.1 PDF

Checksum: a6dc3c218eb7a255fd9920846133a4dd8cd34664decf894d4b840f1636333ff1