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This document summarises the functional and non-functional requirements for connecting system software that supports participation in electronic prescribing. This includes software used by:

  • Authorised prescribers
  • Authorised dispensers
  • Subjects of Care (SoC), or their Agents, using mobile devices to access their prescriptions through URIs sent to them via SMS/email, or using prescription management applications (mobile or web-based) that access information about electronic prescriptions and Active Script Lists.

This document lists the specific conformance requirements for connecting systems that must or should be met to support participation in electronic prescribing. These requirements build on those that have already been implemented to support Electronic Transfer of Prescription (ETP).

Implementation Timeline - Electronic Prescribing - Conformance Profile v3.0.1 (CPv3.0.1)

The CPv3.0.1 timeline provides the software developer community seeking to implement electronic prescribing, and particularly, CPv3.0.1, visibility of the required ordering of conformance assessments across the 2024 calendar year. 

Implementation Timeline - Electronic Prescribing - Conformance Profile v3.0.1 (CPv3.0.1)

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