My Health Record R10.2.2 SVT Patch System Upgrade - Rescheduled to (7 Dec 2019 - 7.30pm AEDT)



The My Health Record System Operator advises the planned upgrade to Release 10.2.2 of the My Health Record system Production Environment has been rescheduled to occur from 7:30PM (AEDT) Saturday 7 December 2019 to 3:30AM (AEDT) Sunday 8 December 2019.

During this period, there will be a restricted-write period from 8:00PM (AEDT) Saturday 7 December to 1:00AM (AEDT) Sunday 8 December.

During the restricted-write period, the My Health Record system, including connecting mobile applications, will be available to access My Health Record functionalities including some write transactions.

The following subset of write transactions to the My Health Record System will be disabled:

  • Linking a myGov account to My Health Record
  • Linking a PRODA account to National Provider Portal
  • Resetting password and ULC linking via Admin Portal
  • New Care Agency employee registration
  • Notify Account Change (NAC) flow

Before the Restricted Write period ends, there will be a 30-minute outage for mobile applications from 12:30 AM (AEDT) to approximately 1:00 AM (AEDT) on Sunday 8 December 2019.

Release 10.2.2 of the My Health Record system is focussed on delivering technical and infrastructure patches and upgrades to align it to the latest versions and address any known security vulnerabilities. This change does not require a change to vendor products.

The My Health Record System Operator apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contact [email protected] for further advice about this message if necessary.

For technical support please contact [email protected]

By operation of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Establishing the Australian Digital Health Agency) Rule 2016, on 1 July 2016, all the assets and liabilities of NEHTA will vest in the Australian Digital Health Agency. In this website, on and from 1 July 2016, all references to "National E-Health Transition Authority" or "NEHTA" will be deemed to be references to the Australian Digital Health Agency. PCEHR means the My Health Record, formerly the "Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record", within the meaning of the My Health Records Act 2012 (Cth), formerly called the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Act 2012 (Cth).

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