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The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) has released a new major release of its HIPS middleware product: HIPS 7.0


The Australian Digital Health Agency has released a new major release of its HIPS middleware product:

HIPS 7.0

HIPS 7.0 significantly improves the performance of HIPS for very high load scenarios, particularly for the upload of Pathology Report and Diagnostic Imaging Report documents.

It consolidates several previous branch releases and customisations, making it a suitable target release for upgrades of outdated HIPS installations.

Key improvements

  • Significant performance improvements for very high upload scenarios, particularly for Pathology Report and Diagnostic Imaging Report documents
  • Improved recovery from temporary outages of My Health Record or HI Service
  • Proactive monitoring and reporting of key alert conditions
  • Unified logging of errors from all HIPS components
  • Significant size reduction of audit log, reducing storage requirements
  • Improved support for HPI-I relaxations
  • Support for All Facilities searches and searches for non-inpatients
  • Incorporation of customisations of previous HIPS releases (NT, SA).

The structure of the HIPS end product has been modified in this version. All documentation is now bundled in the separate Documentation Package instead of being incorporated in the Source Code and Binary Software packages.

Who will this affect?

  • Public and private hospital organisations
  • Diagnostic service provider organisations
  • System integrators
  • Software vendors

More Information

For a comprehensive list of changes, please refer to the Change Details section of the Release Note.

HIPS 7.0 is available for download from:


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Wednesday, February 6, 2019