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Quick Intro

Before building Digital Health functionality (such as Electronic Prescribing, Secure Messaging or My Health Record) your software must first be able to identify the three participants in a healthcare event; the patient, the healthcare provider individual, and the healthcare provider organisation. The HI Service stores identifiers for these three participants. The HI Service Business to Business (B2B) Gateway exposes SOAP based web services which allow your software to search for identifiers for these parties.

If you are new to the HI Service and wish to register and begin development then please follow our developer guides below. If you would like to understand more about the Test and Go Live process then please view our overview here: https://developer.digitalhealth.gov.au/resources/faqs/hi-test-and-go-live

There are three recent changes for HI Service development which may be of interest to new and returning developers;

  • HI Service Conformance Testing is now conducted by the Digital Health Agency at no cost, previously it was conducted by a 3rd party testing laboratory with associated costs.
  • HI Service requirement 22000 is now mandatory. More information can be found in the related FAQs below.
  • Software will now use NASH certificates to connect to the HI Service, previously your customers would use their Medicare Site Certificates to connect to the HI Service. More information can be found at: https://developer.digitalhealth.gov.au/products/national-authentication-service-health-nash

Developer Guides

Start with the Registration and Introduction below - this includes mandatory registration requirements and reading.

Introduction:  Registration and Introduction to the HI Service
Guide 1: IHI Lookup
Guide 2: IHI Lookup - Test Cases
Guide 3: Search for HPI-I
Guide 4: Additional HI Service requirements for Electronic Prescribing

If you are connecting your software to the My Health Record system then you may wish to follow our combined developer guides here:




Electronic Prescribing Sunset Dates for Conformance Profiles

The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) has published a series of Electronic Prescribing (EP) Conformance Profiles (CP) with incremental increases in functionality.


Issue identified with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service IHI Inquiry web services, affecting the date of birth field

An issue was identified with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service IHI Inquiry web services, affecting the date of birth field. This issue resulted in a timezone to the consumer date of birth value in the IHI search response. 


Transitioning HI CCA Testing to the Australian Digital Health Agency

From the 1st of November 2020, the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) will be conducting Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Conformance testing.