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If you would like to connect your software to the My Health Record FHIR Gateway, you are in the right place.  

The following Developer Guides will help you understand high-level concepts regarding the My Health Record system and the FHIR Gateway, register as a developer for the Gateway, understand your testing obligations, understand guidelines regarding security, consent, incident management and app presentation and understand the content which will be delivered in these guides.

My Health Record FHIR Gateway Developer Guides

Start with the Introduction below - this includes mandatory registration requirements and reading.

Guide 1:   Introduction
Guide 2: Environment Setup and Authentication
Guide 3: Patient Details and Record List
Guide 4: Personal Health Summary
Guide 5: Clinical Document Services
Guide 6: Generic Document Services
Guide 7: Medicare and PBS Information

Supporting Documents

Mobile integration with My Health Record

Information about connecting to the My Health Record FHIR Gateway.

My Health Record Mobile Developer Welcome Pack v1.7

Collection of forms and guides to help new app developers connect to the My Health Record system for the first time.

My Health Record FHIR Gateway v2.2

Technical specifications to enable developers to connect applications to the My Health Record system via the FHIR® Gateway.