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The My Health Record Integration Toolkit contains libraries for B2B connectivity to the My Health Record system, providing sample code for all operations, as well as the schemas used and sample SOAP request and response messages.

The sample code and integration tools provided here should only be used in conjunction with the Agency’s detailed specifications for clinical documents and national infrastructure and, where appropriate, by working with technical and other connectivity instruction provided by the National Infrastructure Operator.

"My Health Record" is the new name of the system previously known as "PCEHR". This is reflected in the name of this end product and the names of its new or updated product components. Names of other product components will be adjusted on their next update.

You can or register to download My Health Record Integration Toolkit v1.2.1 ZIP

Checksum: 34b5ce9c94b20bf073bb4f2fde7db6acffa34c4c92fe19a6b07c5d9e36fb8103