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The Agency has a Compliance, Conformance and Accreditation (CCA) program that supports clinical safety and quality in health software. CCA provides leadership, guidance and materials for assessing the conformance of software that implements e-health specifications and standards. These conformance test specifications should be used by implementers and third parties that perform conformance testing.
These test specifications define conformance test cases for the E-Health Secure Message Delivery Australian Technical Specification. Test cases translate conformance points into concise, insular tests with a clear objective and criteria for passing. They are to be applied to an Implementation Under Test (IUT) when assessing conformance. These test cases can only be used to test for conformance to Australian Technical Specification 5822 E-Health Secure Message Delivery. Additional test cases will be needed to test the conformance of an IUT to any other specification.

The secure messaging conformance test tools (available for download on this website) automates these test cases.

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